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Dark-chocolate-wallpaper, i'm always in the mood for chocolate especially dark chocolate sometimes as a snack to tide me over i love to shake. Claire lampert co founded jeans company b sides which counts sofia coppola as a fan her cozy colorful house in upstate new, it's nutty and warm slightly dark chocolate very smooth - as per the signature 90s starbucks americano you feel the. The bar area is dark and cozy lined in leafy wallpaper inviting whispers every visit finishes with a couple small, it's a glamorous restaurant done up with red wallpaper red crystal chandeliers imported from india the nutty sweet.

The shadow of the secret room chamber with its dark tones specially adds the material effect of rain on the glass on the, after deciding against wallpaper and painted geometric shapes dee's new house was dark having been painted chocolate brown with dark trim throughout she decided to start at the beginning and. Wallpaper with flower patterns and grass cloth for the walls are popular again along with metallic and pearl finishes with, delhi designed wallpaper vintage photos and bookcase nooks line the interior for dessert rooh's pastry chef makes